What is a Vaaka Cadence Sensor?

A small, lightweight (30g) device which measures the number of strokes you take per minute. Vaaka cadence sensors measure in double strokes per minute.

Double strokes per minute = Cadence

Where does it go?

The Vaaka cadence sensor attaches to your paddle shaft. This can be a kayak, SUP, waka ama, surf ski, dragon boating or outrigger paddle. 

Your cadence sensor sends your stroke rate to your watch instantly. So you can see your cadence while you paddle.

Cadence + distance per stroke = boat speed. Simple.

If you want to go really fast… See the chart for optimal cadence and distance per stroke for Men’s K1 200m.

You can analyse your data after your training sessions with our Vaaka Analytics software.

Simply buy a Vaaka to start your journey to peak performance today.