Here at Vaaka we’ve been talking about the importance of both stroke rate (cadence) and distance per stroke for a while now. When all the training is done, it’s the stroke rate and the distance per stroke that drive the craft forwards.
‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’ so having the tools to monitor those metrics is essential for peak performance.
Vaaka has had the cadence aspect sorted for years…
But the distance per stroke is more challenging.
We initially developed our free Vaaka Analytics software on the website to help athletes and coaches with distance per stroke analysis. It’s still there and it’s still free!
Next, we developed a program for Suunto Ambit and Spartan GPS watches that works with Vaaka to show distance per stroke in real time. The Suunto Distance Per Stroke App was a great success so now we are proud to announce a similar product for our Garmin users: The Vaaka Distance Per Stroke Garmin IQ App. This Vaaka app shows real time distance per stroke on your Garmin watch while you’re out training.

Vaaka Distance Per Stroke App for Garmin IQ

A great new addition to training metrics for Vaaka Paddle Cadence users who have newer Garmin watches.
If your Garmin GPS watch is new enough to work with the Garmin Connect IQ platform you can now download the Vaaka DPS app and see your distance per stroke displayed in real time on your Garmin.
TO INSTALL: Go To Garmin connect IQ and search for Vaaka DPS under the data fields section. Follow the Garmin instructions on how to install the Vaaka DPS app on your device.
Next add the Vaaka DPS app to your watches’ data screen. It can be displayed alongside your usual training metrics like heart rate, distance and time. You will see your distance per stroke in real time as you train.
Because boat speed is a product of stroke rate and distance per stroke, these two metrics are the two most important for performance feedback.    Performance Technology for Paddle Sports