Vaaka for SUP is here!

Vaaka for SUP is here!

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Vaaka is well established as a performance tool for Kayak, Canoe, Outrigger and Dragon boating but now if you are a Stand Up Paddle Board enthusiast it’s time to get excited! Vaaka has extended its product range and launched a cadence sensor for SUP. After extensive testing we are now happy that this new product is ready for all SUP paddlers wanting to take their sport to the next level.

Eric Heiligenstein, medalist in the 2016 Midwest SUP Championship series


Eric Heiligenstein (far left) tells us about his experience of using Vaaka to improve his SUP paddling:


“I started using the Vaaka sensor and analytic software this year to improve my paddling efficiency.”

“Finding the sweet spot that provides the greatest efficiency is challenging. At first I though a higher cadence would produce the desired results. The Vaaka data made it clear that this was not the case.”

“I can now confidently set my Garmin to alert me if my stroke rate gets too high giving me immediate feedback that my efficiency is falling. This has been a fantastic product! I can’t imagine training without it.”


ImageThe Vaaka sensor is available in Bluetooth (for Polar, Suunto products and Smartphones)

and ANT+ (for Garmin products) ​​​​​


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