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    Vaaka Paddle Cadence Sensor

    Price is in US Dollars. This Vaaka Paddle Cadence sensor is compatible with wireless GPS devices and smartphones with Bluetooth capabilities. Lightweight at only 55g.

    Vaaka Paddle cadence sensors give realtime stroke rate feedback to your device. 

    Vaaka compatibility

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    Vaaka Accessory Pack

    Price is in US Dollars. A complete accessory pack for your Vaaka cadence sensor. The kit includes a replacement Vaaka casing, new O ring seal, two replacement straps and a set of eight screws.

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    Asymetrical Vaaka paddle strap

    Price is in US Dollars. This strap is wider at one end than the other to allow the Vaaka sensor to sit just above the blade on a single bladed paddle. Useful for Pacific outrigger paddlers who want the Vaaka sensor out of the way for hand change overs. Allows for a low hand grip , with the bottom hand …

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    Vaaka Adjustable Strap

    Price is in US Dollars. This Vaaka strap is ideal for paddlers who endure rough conditions.

    It is made up of a specialised grey strap and velcro fastening for double security for your Vaaka cadence sensor. This strap has the ability to fit a variety of shaft sizes 20mm – 75mm

    (Sold as a separate item and does not come with a  …

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    Vaaka replacement standard straps

    Price is in US Dollars. Simple and secure standard straps for your Vaaka cadence sensor.

    Orange and grey colours,  the straps fit  paddle shafts for Kayak, Pacific Outrigger, Canoe,  and SUP.


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    Torx 10 screwdriver

    Price is in US Dollars.Torx 10 screwdriver for removal and replacement of the Vaaka casing screws. The Vaaka casing screws need to be tight but not overtight. It is easy to strip the thread from the plastic casing and if this happens your Vaaka sensor will no longer be waterproof. Use only two fingers on the screwdriver to tighten the …

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    Silicone Grease

    Price is in US Dollars. Silicone grease for resealing Vaaka casings after a battery change.